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What is a Lead?

Are you confused with the word ‘Lead’, when it comes to digital marketing terms? If yes, then here is a simple explanation for it.

A lead is basically a form of contact information of any person or an organization. Generally, it includes his/her Name, Email, Phone Number, City, State.

A lead is a form of communication that helps you to contact the person or the organization who has provided their contact details after visiting your website or your social media platform or ad. It helps you to contact the individual person or groups of persons or any organization so that you can offer your products and services to them to make a valuable customer for your business.

Now, there are some factors that help you in determining the lead quality. These includes:

  • A person should be interested in the product/service that you offer.

  • A person/organization should be capable to buy your product/service.

  • We should be able to provide them the product or service that they need.

A lead is essential to start the discussion with someone who needs your product or service and who can be a valuable customer for your business.
You cannot have customers without letting people to know about your offerings. A lead helps you to contact the prospective customer and then in persuading them to buy your product and services.

What is Lead Generation?

The process goes very simple. It basically works on a funnel structure.

Once you have your business website that details your products and services, people or visitors or prospective customers (in digital marketing terms) reach your websites in search of your products or service information, they turn into leads when they get interested to buy your product/service and when they provide their contact details for further inquiries, it could be their name, email or phone number, etc. And then you contact the leads, offering your product/service, once the lead buys your product, they turn into your business customer.

The process of getting contact details of prospective customers is called Lead Generation and converting a lead into customer is called Lead conversion.

Now, there can be different purposes for which a lead can be generated, these are:

A lead may be generated for purposes such as:

  1. - List building

  2. - E-newsletter

  3. - List acquisition

  4. - Sales leads.

What is a Lead Generation Page?

As you can’t build a building without a strong foundation so it is a lead generation page without which your online presence is nothing less than a hollow’.

A lead generation page is highly recommended for any business. It is also commonly known as a Landing page. It provides detailed information about the products & services in an effective way. It describes,

Main objective behind the lead generation page.

  • Key qualities of products & services.

  • Major and detailed features.

  • Specifications.

  • Technical details.

  • Utilities.

  • Price Information.

  • Types of product & services.

  • Company’s overview

  • Unique selling proposition.

  • Specializations, and much more!

  • How the product or service will help the customers?
  • Existing customer feedback.

It’s an amazing digital marketing and promotional asset that helps increase sales and boost the growth of the business.

A lead generation page contains detailed information about specific products and services. It is a standalone web page on which the online customers ‘land’ through the sources like email and advertisements. It enables the conversion of the website visitors into customers. Conversion here means that the people who purchase the product or availed of the service mentioned on your lead generation page. The information contained on the lead generation page acts as a good source of promoting and marketing your product, it compels the people to make the purchase once they get influenced by the product features, utilities, and benefits.